Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between a venue only rental and a full service rental?

With a full service rental, you not only reserve a beautiful venue for your wedding day but you also have an experienced DUO Event Coordinator who will handle the intricate logistics of hosting your event on a private property. We will provide all event essentials from tables and chairs to linens and even luxury bathrooms!

A venue only rental will give you all day access to the property on the event date but no DUO services.

*All venue only reservations are still required to have a DUO representative on-site throughout the duration of the event to manage the property. Additional fees apply.

Can I take a tour of a DUO Venue?

We are happy to arrange a tour of the property at a time that is convenient for you. Your DUO Coordinator will typically conduct a virtual tour as your introduction to the space followed by an on-site viewing. Out of respect for the property owner, all tours must be scheduled and directed by a DUO representative.

If there is a house on the property can guests go inside?

In most cases private houses are not open to clients or their guests.

Do I have to use all DUO approved vendors?

DUO is happy to offer an open vendor policy to all of our clients. This means that you may choose any caterer, DJ, photographer, etc. with whom you wish to partner with. We do offer a recommended list of DUO approved vendors for anyone needing guidance. You can visit our preferred vendor list here.

*Note that DUO Bar is required for any/all alcohol related services.

What is your alcohol policy?

DUO Bar is the required alcohol service provider at all properties. We are thrilled to offer a wide selection of beer, wine, and liquor options for your event. Our menu allows you to choose exactly which items you want at a per serving price.

All of our venues offer our concierge service package, which includes bartenders, security, mixers, garnishes, and dry goods for your event at a fixed per guest price.

Set up a consultation with your DUO Coordinator today!

*DUO Bar does not host kegs or shots at any of our properties.

How do I book a DUO Venue for my wedding or event?

For your convenience, all reservations can be completed over the phone with a DUO representative.

Is parking available?

Please review the venue profile to find out if your property offers on-site parking amenities. If not, DUO will coordinate a parking solution to meet the needs of your event. Opportunities include, but are not limited to, shuttle service or valet parking.

Will I have access to a kitchen?

This will vary depending on the location and can be found within the venue profile, under amenities.

If you have booked our full service package, your DUO coordinator can communicate with your caterer to help provide solutions and support for their catering needs.

How long do I have access to the venue?

Venue access is from 10am-midnight on the date that you have reserved.


How do I sign my property up to be a DUO Venue?

We are thrilled to hear that you are ready to join our shared marketplace of venues. Simply fill in your information on the form here and we will reach out to you to begin the process.

Who will monitor my property during an event?

If the client books with our event services package, there will be at least one DUO Coordinator + security on the property from the start of the event to the end. We will supervise all set-up and takedown as well. Venue only reservations will be required to hire at least one DUO representative to be on-site through the duration of the event.

Do I have to be there during the event?

You are not required to be on-site during the event. A DUO representative will be there to assist the client and protect your asset.

Who will handle giving tours, booking clients and processing payments?

You provide the venue; DUO does everything else!